Sharpley focusing on what's next?



                               Innovation Comment 


Open Ended Innovation

At Enchanté Lites all innovation starts with our global customers.  We constantly gather all requirements, suggesstions, market needs, and wants as well as national and regional trends when developing our product collections and go-to-market strategies.  We consider our open-ended, straight-talk communications we've established with our customers as one of our greatest assets.  These interactions allow us to push the bar and create tomorrow's category breakthroughs.

Effective R&D

All Enchanté Lites product collections are constantly being developed in house or by working with one of our many strategic partners.  Throughout all phases of this R&D process customer feedback and market needs are at the top of our focus, while staying sharply focused on "what's next?"  It's with this dedication that the ultimate developments are achieved.

Effective R&D